We promise you a completely new approach to stopping smoking, with a dramatically different set of tools than you’ve ever had before. There’s no question that stopping smoking is difficult, and that you should take the process seriously. But with the right information and the proper help, stopping is something you can accomplish successfully and positively.

Getting started


One of the most important parts of the Clean Break Online program is our understanding that each smoker is unique. We want to assure your success and to do that, we’ll ask a series of short questions about your smoking behavior and history from which we’ll create your individual profile. Your responses to these questions will help us assess the best plan for you. There are many approaches to help you stop smoking. By understanding your personal history and how you smoke, we are able to provide a personalized Quit Plan Strategy that will be an essential tool supporting you moving through the program. The Clean Break’s program success is based on developing a very personalized approach that works specifically for you.

Our mission


Clean Break Online’s mission to provide effective online help for people who want to stop smoking. Based on completely different principles than any other smoking cessation method, Clean Break Online provides intelligent and compassionate help for tobacco addicts of all kinds. Based on the Clean Break method, used for over 30 years in hospitals, schools, and chemical dependency treatment centers.

Giving support


Community is very important to us. We have weekly group meetings using Google Hangout as a way to check in and give support to others. During these meetings, we will help make sure you understand the basic concepts of the program, identify any personal issues you need to concentrate on, and provide advice and support for using the program.

What Our Clients Say